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darlin Sofola Cinnamon Centre
developing  future ready leaders equipped for the businesses of tomorrow…

The Darlin Sofola Cinnamon Centre (DSCC) is a technology and entrepreneurship focused training centre, providing training to secondary school students in the Yaba area of Lagos.

The DSCC provides an extra curricular exposure to information technology training and entrepreneurship skills through hands-on student centred educational offering.

The DSCC is  a future facing space where young students  preparing to be tomorrow’s leaders can connect, communicate and relate as a dynamic group.

The After School Technology and Enterprise Booster program for talented teenagers is the centre’s inaugural program. This program is a curated exposure to technology and enterprise training, leveraging in-house and external expertise.

The students will also be given an opportunity to meet with role models in the technology and business world to expand their aspirations and provide tangible success role models. The program is anchored on two streams:

The Technology Stream

This stream features an offering including but not limited to computing, coding skills, app creation, introductory robotics.

The Enterprise Stream

This stream features activities including but not limited to entrepreneur simulation training, business skills training, fundamentals of running a small business.

Additional streams

  • Leadership

  • Public speaking and presentation training

Meet Darlin

The DSCC is launched in memory of Darlin Osayanmo Kayode Sofola. Born 5 June 1955, Darlin was a zoologist by training, a teacher by passion and an entrepreneur par excellence by dogged determination.

We have been inspired by her legacy of business acumen and entrepreneurship as well as her passion for building the next generation of exceptional minds  to contribute to the preparation of a new generation of entrepreneurial, opportunity ready, future-embracing leaders.

1st STEM Class (b)
1st STEM Class (c)
1st STEM Class (d)
1st STEM Class (e)






We Advocate for the following un SDGs

Goal 4 : Quality Education

Goal 5 : gender equality

Goal 8 : Decent work and Economic Growth

Goal 10 : Reduced Inequalities

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